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Easy Create your own video ad, target your customer, set a daily budget and get results - no software required.
Affordable Video creation is free and daily budgets start at $10/day - no long term contracts required.
Effective Video tells your story, engages viewers and delivers customers.
How Can SpotMixer Help Me...
How Can SpotMixer Help Me...
SpotMixer for Broadcast & Cable
SpotMixer for Broadcast & Cable
Success Stories
Success Stories

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Online Video Advertising

"We've noticed a traffic increase of about 50%. This was a much better result than just regular TV ads or pay-per-click advertising."
   - Lorraine Pierce, CEO
     L.A. Minerals

Promotional Videos

"When you consider the long-term value of SpotMixer, the return on our small spend is almost immeasurable."
   - Corey Donovan, VP Marketing
     Vibrant Technologies

Online Video Advertising: What Is It?
Online Video Advertising: What Is It?

What are video ads?

SpotMixer video ads are full-motion videos that you create online to promote your business, products or services. Video ads are placed on highly-targeted websites that match your target customer profile. Viewers who click on the ad while it's playing go directly to your Web site. SpotMixer video ads can also be used as TV ads ready for broadcast on local or national TV.

How do I get one?

Make a video ad right here online with SpotMixer! Start by choosing a template. Replace our placeholder images with your own, use our stock images. You can even upload your own video clips. Choose a sound track from our collection, upload your own sound files, or make your own voiceover (or narration)—all right here in your browser. The built-in animated transitions create a sense of movement and tie the images and clips together into a complete, engaging story. Just add your own text, and you're done.

Who sees them, where, and how?

When you sign up for SpotMixer video advertising, your video ads are placed on Web sites that are proven to draw the same type of customers who typically buy your products or services. Video ads run on targeted websites in any of three ways:

Pre-roll ads run automatically in front of an online video, such as a news video clip that the user has chosen to watch. Mid-roll ads run in the middle of an online video. Think of them as TV commercials or TV ads for the Web. Click-to-play ads appear in their own space, along with other content on the page. They display a large, superimposed "Play" button like the ones you see on online videos that invite people to click.

You can also use SpotMixer video ads as TV ads to reach a local or national TV audience.

What's special about SpotMixer Online Video Ads?

Traditional video ads require the services of a videographer and usually an ad agency, can take weeks or months to create, and can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 per video. SpotMixer Video Ads cost nothing to create (make as many as you like at no extra charge); require no equipment, agency or videography; can be made online in an hour or two; and the results can look just as professional as a TV ad made by an agency. You only pay for ads that you run online.

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How can SpotMixer Video Ads help my business?

Video ads are seven times more effective than static ads and 25% more effective than text ads at persuading Web users to click through to the advertiser's site. They're more powerful than display ads because, like TV commercials, they invite interaction, engage multiple senses, set a mood, entertain, and tell a story. SpotMixer video ads eliminate the high cost and hassles of creating video ads, allowing small and medium-size businesses to successfully compete with much larger ones. SpotMixer "levels the playing field", making big-budget, ad agency-quality advertising available to all businesses without big production or advertising budgets.

When used as TV-ready ads, you can send SpotMixer video ads to your local cable or national broadcast cable provider, saving you hours of production work and thousands of dollars you would otherwise spend with an agency.

SpotMixer Video Hosting: What is it?

SpotMixer's Video Hosting is one of the most inexpensive and powerful ways to boost traffic to your Web site, and SpotMixer makes it easy. Online Video Hosting takes advantage of the popular video sharing features of social networks like YouTube to spread your message to an unlimited number of people. You get a dedicated Video Web Page with Yelp Reviews and a Google Map. Plus, you can add it easily to website and increase the time visitors spend on your site.

How do I get one?

Make your online marketing video right here with SpotMixer. You can use the same one you've created for your Online Video Advertising campaign. Or you can create a different one.

Who sees them, where, and how?

Publish the video to our server with our low-cost Video Hosting service. This makes it available for viewing by anyone on the Web and also lets you create a dedicated Video Web Page that includes information about your business and a link to your Web site, if you have one. Then follow the instructions on each of your social networks for posting a video. In most cases, it's as easy as pasting a link. Don't forget to also post a link on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter

If you're not sure how to do it, we can help.

What's special about SpotMixer Video Hosting?

SpotMixer makes it easy and inexpensive to create and publish the kind of specialized online marketing video ad that will appeal to your website visitors and social networks. Video Hosting depends largely on sharing your video rather than paid advertising. So, you can tailor your video ad to boost its "share appeal" by making it funny, educational, touching, or entertaining. You can make as many versions as you want at no additional cost—you pay only for hosting services—and you can swap them out as often as you like to keep the "story" interesting for your viewers.

How can SpotMixer online video hosting help my business?

Once we host your video on your site or your Video Web Page, people in your network see it, like it, and repost it to their network where others see it, like it, repost, and so on. Make the video helpful, fun, or sentimental, and before you know it, your ad—and your Web site—will become a "runaway" online sensation. While you can't control who sees the video, the potential for reaching many new customers who can use your product or service is huge.

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